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PBUPhiladelphia Biblical University (Langhorn, PA)
PBUProxy Binding Update (mobile communications)
PBUPass Break Up (football)
PBUPredominantly Black University
PBUPreviously Banned User (forums)
PBUPressure Build-Up
PBUPolimorfismo de Base Unica (Spanish: Single Nucleotide Polymorphism)
PBUProducer Business Unit
PBUPartys-Bei-Uns (Partys-by-us)
PBUPassenger Business Unit
PBUPeriodic Building Unit
PBUPhoto Blow-Up
PBUPeriod of Beneficial Use
PBUPremature Babies Unit
PBUProject Barito Ulu (Cambridge University; UK)
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All non-landed residential government land sale sites in Singapore have been required since 2014 to use PBUs in their construction process.
The event started with a rally from Bank Chowk Kohlu, carrying banners with welcoming remarks for chairman OPBU+PBU Dr Jumma Khan Marri and vice chairman Mir Khuda Bux Marri PBU.
The experimental group used a PBU and performed audiovisual biofeedback-based trunk stabilization training for 50 minutes/session, 5 sessions/week, for 6 weeks.
L'efficacia del biofeedback pressorio (PBU pressure biofeedback unit) e stata osservata invece in un solo lavoro incluso in questa revisione (38) mentre due studi hanno indagato la possibilita di visualizzare il movimento o il proprio corpo durante il trattamento (mirror visual feedback) e il disporre dell'immagine subito dopo il movimento (37,41).
The PBU has the authority to provide suballotments of funds to secondary budget unit (SBUs) for management.
Therefore, in future studies, the assessment of TrA and multifidus using PBU should be evaluated in movements or activities that induce fear, to provide different results and a better understanding of the influence of kinesiophobia on the muscle control of TrA and multifidus.
Then, n-MAG will send Proxy Binding Update (PBU) messages to LMA for each body sensor.
Neonatal outcome and admissions to neonatal intensive care unit were not different, but duration of stay in PBU was more in oxytocin group.
The project is being funded by the bank and will be implemented by PBU in collaboration with Salmaniya Medical Complex.
9 -- (BNA): The Prevention of Blindness Union (PBU)'s Founder and Chairman HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and the Health Minister Sadiq bin Abdul-Kareem Al-Shehabi signed a joint agreement for the establishment of the visually-impaired project for two years.
The MN transmits a router solicitation (RS) message to the MAG to request HNP, or the MAG transmits a proxy binding update (PBU) message to register the current location of the MN into the LMA by recognizing the access of the MN.
MAWLID- AL NABI/BIRTH OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBU): Developments will be followed on ceremonies held for Mawlid al-Nabi, marking the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.