PBVSPosition-Based Visual Servoing (robotics)
PBVSPension Benefit Verification Service (St. Paul, MN)
PBVSPalm Beach Veterinary Society (Florida)
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Complementary DNA (cDNA) preparation by Reverse Transcription (RT): A two-step RT-PCR was carried out for the specific detection of PBVs. The best combination of primers as well as the concentration of each reaction components, such as primers, template, enzymes, buffer system, and additives (DMSO) was assessed and optimized.
The specificity of the PBVs RdRp gene primers was checked using RNA extracted from other enteric viruses viz.
Picobirnaviruses (PBVs) are amongst the emerging causes of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections in a wide range of animal species and humans, and thus are of major concern globally (Rosen et al., 2003, Banyai et al., 2014).
The first component of RAD allows public-housing properties to convert to project-based Section 8 programs, either (a) Project-Based Rental Assistance (PBRA), rental assistance administered and provided by HUD to owners according to the terms of a HAP contract for the provision of housing to eligible tenants or (b) PBVs. No incremental funds were authorized for this component; this is a conversion of assistance.
PBV assisted units must meet housing quality standards (HQS).
the calculation of PBVs, and the formulation of the DCP problem, are illustrated in detail in the following two subsections.
Then, a sequence of PBVs, namely B = [[[b.sub.1],...
To resolve the problem of uncertain PBVs, a secondary belief vector (SBV), namely [M.sub.i] [member of] [R.sup.n] (i = 1,...
The PBV genome consist of two segments of double stranded RNA (dsRNA) whose sizes range from 2,120-2.600 pb and 1,330-1.900 pb for the segment 1 or 2, respectively [14, 15, 17, 25, 41].
Despite the numerous reports of the presence of PBV in fecal samples from vertebrates, the pathogenicity of these viruses has not been established.
So far it has not been possible to establish clearly the disease burden, if any, that PBV infections may causes in the diarrhoea processes suffered by their hosts.