PBWSPerformance Based Work Statement (contracting mechanism)
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reported that after a 4-week PBWS training program, survivors of stroke who trained at faster TM velocities had greater increases in the criterion test of self-selected floor walking velocity [36].
have been proponents of coupling PBWS TM training with transfer to the specific task of overground walking, immediately reinforced by cueing appropriate arm and stepping actions [40].
also extended this method to a small cohort of nonambulatory subjects with hemiplegia to characterize cortical responses during PBWS TM walking [59].
Another fMRI study with four chronic survivors of stroke examined responses in cortical activity associated with ankle dorsiflexion control and lower-limb function during and after a 10-week program of PBWS TM training [79].
Added perspective on the effects of PBWS on the CNS is gained from consideration of locomotor therapy in patients with incomplete SCI.