PBYSPalm Bay Youth Soccer (Palm Bay, FL)
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Perhaps remembering Rear Admiral Bloch's previous alert messages that all began with the word "Drill," Ramsey instructed Montgomery to "broadcast on all wave-lengths and over all means of communication," in plain English, "Air Raid Pearl Harbor X This Is No Drill." Ramsey then scurried back to the plotting room to modify the search plan and messages to the two groups of PBYs then on patrol.
(16) The PBY Catalina ferret flight operations continued through 1943 with the team and equipment bouncing between PBY squadrons resident in the South Pacific, but in late 1943 Cast Mike #1 was disbanded as the Navy searched for a more permanent solution.
Ites's lookouts spotted the approaching PBY and alerted their commander.
To convert PBYs to civilian carriers, excess military equipment is removed and cargo doors are installed.
In early August 1945, a number of Navy units (VPB-71, VPB-106, VPB-116, VPB-109, VPB-117, VPB-119, VPB-121, VPB-123 and VPB-124) flying PBYs, PBMs, PB4Y-ls, PB4Y-2s, and PV-1 Venturas began daily weather flights that included typhoon reconnaissance.
He drove to the aircraft hangars, and found the base under attack by Japanese planes and most of his squadron's PBY Catalina planes in flames.
Sanitary arrangements on our PBYs and PB4Y-2s were primitive.
Irma Lee: The big planes on the base were the PBYs [flying boats built by Consolidated Aircraft that were widely used for coastal patrols], but our group didn't work on them.
Flew PBYs in North Atlantic on submarine patrol, then captained a cargo ship in the Pacific.
Raymond Spruance to lead the American forces, and the discovery of the Japanese fleet by PBYs add to the heavy treatment that hinders what could have been a truly great book.
We had 2 B-17s, 2 PBYs [OA-10 Catalinas] and an L-5 which I flew a lot.
PBYs were the eyes and ears of hundreds of allied campaigns on land, sea and air.