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PC-DOSPersonal Computer Disk Operating System
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There are two features that set Windows and MS-DOS and PC-DOS apart: Graphics such as icons, arrows, and so forth tell the user how to use the system and users can run multiple programs at one time.
In a departure from traditional micro-to-mainframe links, Forte recently introduced a host-based software "environment" that enables IBM PC users to access host facilities and files through the same, familiar PC-DOS commands used to call up locally stored data.
Designed for use in career, employment, and outplacement agencies, Gale's Career Guidance System uses either an MS-DOS or PC-DOS platform (3.
HARDWARE REQUIRED: All IBM and IBM-compatible microcomputers, 256K RAM, 1 MB hard disk space; PC-DOS or MS-DOS 2.
It requires a minimum of 512K RAM and MS or PC-DOS Version 2.
IBM PC/XT, PC/AT, PS/2, or 100 percent compatible computer, one MB minimum) available free hard disk space, MS-DOS or PC-DOS version 3.