PC-XTPersonal Computer - eXtended Technology
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By substituting these into the set of ODE's the coefficients, [a.sub.i] and [b.sub.ji] for any j and i, can be sequentially computed easily on a personal computer, such as a PC-XT. The choice of [x.sub.i] is usually determined by the sensitivity of the problem, and for any physical problem, the choice is usually evident as we demonstrate below through the problem of Nylon 6 polymerization in a batch reactor.
Figure 2 lists the amount of memory required by system files (DOS) for different versions of DOS between 2.01 and 6.2 on my venerable PC-XT turbo at home and a 80386 SX/20 at work.
The results are not in elapsed time, but are normalized relative to the time it takes to run the same task on a standalone PC-XT. For example, loading the word processing program when background workstations were not running took the same amount of time as loading it from the hard disk of a standalone PC-XT.
PC-XT that was virtually identical to his Taiwanese computer.
Banatao is a renowned Silicon Valley pioneer, entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been credited with developing several key semiconductor technologies such as five-chip set, system logic chip set for IBM's PC-XT and PC-AT and graphic accelerator chip using his invention of local bus.
This allowed him to develop the first system logic chip set for the PC-XT ad PC-AT, which lowered the cost of building more powerful PCs.