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PC2Prohormone Convertase 2
PC2Proprotein Convertase 2 (enzyme)
PC2Postal Clerk Second Class (Naval Rating)
PC2Positive Control 2
PC2Precursor Convertase 2
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For all participants, two principal components (PCs) were extracted, which accounted for 32.2% (PC1) and 15.4% (PC2) of the variability.
PC2: One thing that has become very evident to me are the many different backgrounds that Canadians come from and the wide degree of knowledge they have.
PC1 and PC2 exhibited a cumulative variability of 63.68%, demonstrating a smaller loss of information than the results in the literature, including those reported by ALEIXO et al.
In the design of the grand coalition, we have considered [LC.sub.P] joining first the coalition followed by PC1 and PC2 in order to assure that pickup activities are completed before deliveries and to conform to the proposed THCLN.
From there, the tracks switch back towards PC2, at 120.78km, and bike refuelling east of the Hameem road and then on to a finish on the Razeen road where the first section began on Sunday.
The index SNP rs12768205 (G > A) in AS3MT was consistently associated with percent arsenic species (positively with iAs% and negatively with MMA% and DMA%) and principal components (negatively with PC1 and positively with PC2) (Table 3; see also Tables S3-S7).
The time series of PC2 is not significantly correlated with summer PDO and AMO for 1961-2013, 1961-1979, and 19802013.
Our measurement of robustness is simple: the ratio of explained variance between PC1 and PC2. This value should be as large as possible and should also be compared to the distribution of ratios from the randomized gene signature PCA models.
In Figures 6(a), 6(b), and 6(c), the loading plots of PC1 and PC2 are reported, highlighting the contributions that can be ascribed to polysaccharide-, lipid-, and protein-based binding media, respectively.
In this study, we assessed the immunotherapeutic potential of ovotransferrin PC2 (OTf PC2).
The second principal component (PC2) increased with the increase in five of the original variables including twisting of blade (TW,0.223), color of inflorescence stalk (SKCLR,0.383), color of flowers (FLCLR,0.419), stone length(STL,0.298), stone width (STW,0.262),and fruitlength (FRLG,0.324).