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PC4Positive Cofactor 4
PC4Proprotein Convertase 4 (enzyme)
PC4Positive Coactivator 4
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Before we examine the new PC Carbine, let's take a brief but closer review of Ruger's former entries into the pistol caliber long gun market, the PC9 and PC4. Those earlier Ruger carbines were designed as companions to their P-series pistols.
The PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4, PC5, and PC6 explained 36.3%, 12.7%, 8.5%, 8.1%, 6.3%, and 5.3% of the total variance, respectively, and the cumulative variance by the six PCs was 77.1% (Table 3).
During the training sample phase, the normal traffic is generated by PC3 and PC4. It includes TCP traffic, UDP traffic, and ICMP traffic.
Wang et al., "The Rice stripe virus pc4 functions in movement and foliar necrosis expression in Nicotiana benthamiana," Virology, vol.
The initial tension forces of PC1 and PC4 are 100.1 kN and 135.9 kN, respectively, which were applied at one end of the beams with load cell installed to control the jacking force.
Com base em codigos, as empresas estudadas foram divididas em: postos de combustiveis (PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4 e PC5), concessionarias (C1, C2, C3 e C4) e oficinas mecanicas (OF1, OF2, OF3, OF4, OF5, OF6 e OF7).
Differentiation of such a layer from the others is visible in PC4 score maps (Figure 8(c)), thanks to the crucial role played by the spectral variable at 1726 [cm.sup.-1], which is ascribable to the characteristic ester C=O stretching vibration of a synthetic resin.
Table 2 shows that some PCs mostly project onto the non-Gaussian subspace such as PC1 (El Nino), PC4 (NPGO), and PC10 while others mostly project onto the Gaussian subspace, for example, PC7, PC8, and PC3 (negative PDO).
Moreover, it was hardly detected in the samples, namely, PC1 (Bijie, Guizhou), PC3 (Honghe, Yunnan), PC4 (Wenshan, Yunnan), and PPC1 (Zhaotong, Yunnan).