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PC5Phycoerythrin Cyanin 5
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The collaboration between Keysight and GOHIGH enables manufacturers of LTE-V standard-based chipsets, devices, as well as on-board units (communication devices mounted on vehicles) and roadside units (communication infrastructure located on the roads), to validate the radio frequency (RF) performance of the PC5 interface.
"C-V2X PC5 radio technology has quickly advanced to a pre-commercial stage, and Rohde & Schwarz is pleased to be the first test-equipment vendor to offer a comprehensive C-V2X test suite," said Anton Messmer, vice president, mobile radio testers, Rohde & Schwarz, in a press release.
"Among several dissatisfactions, the main one is not being able to meet the demand" (PC5).
This relationship could be interpreted as the less-dense column type of cultivar yielding less-weight fruit, whilst PC5 to PC7 do not show an interesting interrelationship.
The fifth item, PC5, questions whether technology has been developed by the company itself.
Com base em codigos, as empresas estudadas foram divididas em: postos de combustiveis (PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4 e PC5), concessionarias (C1, C2, C3 e C4) e oficinas mecanicas (OF1, OF2, OF3, OF4, OF5, OF6 e OF7).
PC PCA (%) GRB-KPCA ([sigma] = 63) (%) PC1 50.0150 62.1243 PC2 82.8114 92.8212 PC3 90.0403 98.1378 PC4 93.9476 98.2543 PC5 96.6978 98.3647 PC6 97.0984 98.7834 PC7 97.2688 99.0579 PC8 98.3690 99.1521 PC9 98.6629 99.3829 PC10 98.9098 99.9251 Table 4: Identification accuracies of categories of all bituminite and carbonaceous shale samples collected from Malan coal mine area in Shanxi province of China by the prediction models.
We also used PC5 anti-CD3 (clone UCHT1), PE anti-CD8 (clone B9.11), APC anti-CD4 (clone 13B8.2), APC anti-CD19 (clone J3-119), PC7 anti-CD45 (clone J.33), and PE antiCD16 (clone 3G8), all from Beckman Coulter (Marseille, France).
PC1 and PC2 are the bot hosts; PC5 is the victim target.
The PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4, PC5, PC6, and PC7 explained 19.9%, 17.1%, 11.7%, 10.1%, 9.2%, 6.2%, and 4.8% of the total variance, respectively, and the cumulative variance by the seven PCs was 79.1% (Table 2).