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PCAAPrevent Child Abuse America
PCAAProbation Community Action Association
PCAAParking Company America Airports (California)
PCAAPalliative Care Association of Alberta
PCAAPancreatic Cancer-Associated Antigen
PCAAPre-Cast Concrete Association of America
PCAAPineville Community Athletic Association (North Carolina)
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The project will facilitate Air Traffic Controllers in transmitting and receiving data in real time over the redundant last mile connectivity for PCAA radar sites and airports in a faster and reliable manner.
Le 9 aout 2007, apres avoir << appris brutalement l'existence du probleme de liquidite du PCAA >>, il affirmera avoir ordonne l'arret des achats de PCAA jusqu'a la restauration d'un marche ordonne (7).
The PCAA would replace the Uniform Supervision of Trustees Charitable Purposes Act, passed in 1954.
The advantages of home visitation in preventing child maltreatment lie in the unique opportunities to assess the child's safety, increase generalization of skills through learning in the natural environment, use flexible approaches, increase participation through bringing services directly to the family, and provide much-needed support to high risk families (Daro & Donnelly, 2002; PCAA, 2006; Thompson, 1995).
Furthermore, adequately capitalized banks, PCAA, may increase their capital ratios or reduce their portfolio risk if they perceive a significant penalty for not being considered well capitalized, or if they desire to hold a buffer stock of capital as a cushion against shocks to equity as argued by Wall and Peterson (1987, 1995) and Furlong (1992).
Contiguous areas are included by averaging provider ratios within a PCAA with those of its contiguous PCAAs.
MIC expects that operating losses generated in 2009, combined with existing NOLs and the impact of the sales of the interest in District Energy and of PCAA, will result in its having no consolidated federal income tax liability through at least 2012.
Anthony DiSimone, Managing Partner of Aurora Resurgence, the complex situations fund within Aurora Capital Group, commented, "We are excited about the long term prospects available to the new company and look forward to bringing our resources to PCAA to support its employees in building a leading national platform.
Tanzer said if the PCAA hadn't done anything last year.
July 1, 1988 - The PCAA changes its name to Big West Conference.
Today, PCAA and its subsidiaries also commenced voluntary Chapter 11 cases with the bankruptcy court for the District of Delaware.
He said that Safegate, a Swedish company, started work on this USD 25 million project in June this year with logistic support by the PCAA and completed it in record time of five months.