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PCAAPrevent Child Abuse America
PCAAProbation Community Action Association
PCAAParking Company America Airports (California)
PCAAPalliative Care Association of Alberta
PCAAPre-Cast Concrete Association of America
PCAAPancreatic Cancer-Associated Antigen
PCAAPineville Community Athletic Association (North Carolina)
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El PCAA ayudo a reducir los niveles de contaminantes en marzo de 2016, pero el acuerdo vigente, no.
Meanwhile, PCAA has asked all the passengers intending to travel on aforementioned dates, to revisit their schedule according to the rescheduled flight operation by the respective airlines.
Tthe new system will not only make Pakistan Air Space secure and safe but it will also help in setting the benchmark by having state of the art tech nology in place" said Deputy DG PCAA on the occasion.
The project will facilitate Air Traffic Controllers in transmitting and receiving data in real time over the redundant last mile connectivity for PCAA radar sites and airports in a faster and reliable manner.
Le 9 aout 2007, apres avoir << appris brutalement l'existence du probleme de liquidite du PCAA >>, il affirmera avoir ordonne l'arret des achats de PCAA jusqu'a la restauration d'un marche ordonne (7).
The PCAA would replace the Uniform Supervision of Trustees Charitable Purposes Act, passed in 1954.
Moreover, it is especially gratifying that we are now fulfilling a follow-up purchase for 19 more Strikers for the PCAA.
Also, PCAA pulsed DCs enhanced the expression of IFN-[gamma], MIP-1[alpha]/[beta], and IP-10 and CXCR3.
While characteristics and skills of parents and children are the most common targets of ECIPs (Daro & Donnelly, 2002; Nelson, Laurendeau, & Chamberland, 2001; PCAA, 2006), other targets may include the parent-child relationship (Aos, Lieb, Mayfield, Miller, & Pennucci, 2004; Bell & Eyberg, 2002; Hembree-Kigin & McNeil, 1995; Urquiza & McNeil, 1996), teachers (Daro, 1994; Daro & Donnelly, 2002), peer groups (Daro & Donnelly, 2002; Thompson, 1995; Thompson et al.
Primarily, the PCAA pushed the organisation towards operating, as Parks Canada CEO Tom Lee stated, 'in a more business-like manner' (Searle 2000, 123).
PCAA = 1 if the bank is adequately capitalized; else = 0.
Mental health provider supply is measured in terms of the number of core mental health providers (psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed marriage and family counselors, and psychiatric nurse specialists) practicing in an area, divided by the size of the population within that PCAA.