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PCACPermanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA (New York, NY)
PCACPrograma Campesino a Campesino (Spanish: Farmer to Farmer Program; Nicaragua)
PCACPresidential Complaints and Action Committee (Philippines)
PCACPervasive Computing and Communications (conference)
PCACPierce City Arts Council (Missouri)
PCACPasadena Community Access Corporation
PCACPartially Conserved Axial Vector Current
PCACPaul Creative Arts Center (University Of New Hampshire, Durham, NH)
PCACPlumbing Contractors Association of Chicago and Cooke County
PCACPinellas County Arts Council (Florida)
PCACPeople Concerned About Chloramine
PCACPleasanton Cultural Arts Council (Pleasanton, CA)
PCACPredictive Call Admission Control
PCACPoint Code Allowed Control (ANSI)
PCACPenncommonwealth Casualty of America Corporation
PCACPartial Conserved Axial Currents
PCACPrimary Control & Analysis Center
PCACPublic Committee on Attorney Conduct
PCACPresident's Committee on Arts and Culture
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To further improve general public health, PCAC committed to a number of sustainable design solutions that were incorporated in the new facility, including onsite water runoff controlled through extensive green roofs, native landscaping, and a below-grade containment vault, which also improves the quality of the water before it exists the site.
Esta distincao trouxe instabilidade e inseguranca para os extrasplanos, pois anteriormente cada termeletrica constituia um grupo homogeneo, sem diferenciacao e, com a criacao do PCAC, estes nao receberam alguns beneficios fornecidos ao conjunto dos trabalhadores, sendo reajustados os seus salarios pelos indices da inflacao.
The filtrates were transferred into 100ml flasks and were used (Moiseenko, 1965) to determine the entire pectolytic activity (PcAc), which evaluates the activity of the respective fungi in the production of pectinolitic enzymes.
In the eyes of the Palestinian Child Arts Center (PCAC) located in Hebron, the Arts Olympiad was an opportunity for the children of Palestine to visually report and express their lives to the outside world.
Alexis Zaricki, University of New Hampshire, Department of Music, PCAC, 30 College Rd., Durham, NH 03824; (603) 862-2404, fax: (603) 862-3155; Symsunh@aol.com; www.unh.edu/music/syms.htm
Norwood refers to this software package as PCAC. Your audit is for the year-end, December 31, 2001.
When Ramon Magsaysay won the presidential election in 1953, he established the Presidential Complaints and Action Commission (PCAC) to reduce inefficiency and dishonesty in the civil service.
The Compagnie des Produits Chimiques d'Alais et Camargue (PCAC) had been founded in 1855 to build and operate what was then the largest Leblanc soda works in the world at Salindres near Alais (Gard).
Jackiw, "A PCAC puzzle: [[pi].sup.0] [right arrow] [gamma] [gamma] in the [sigma]-model," Il Nuovo Cimento A, vol.
David Walker led the Lions (12-14, 3-6 PCAC) with 18 points.
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