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PCAGPerformance Confidence Assessment Group
PCAGPrimary Care Audit Group (healthcare; UK)
PCAGPentobarbital Chlorpromazine Alcohol Group (pharmacology)
PCAGProstate Cancer Advisory Group (est. 2003; UK)
PCAGPerplex City Academy Games (alternate reality game; est. 2005)
PCAGPalliative Care Advisory Group (formerly Palliative Care Working Party; Ministry of Health; New Zealand)
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PCAG is under the supervision of Assistant Commissioner Vincent Philip Maronilla who said that the group is aimed at increasing trade facilitation, encouraging voluntary disclosures and protecting government revenue through compliance audits of imported goods.
Still, the BOC's PCAG was at the pre-audit stage, conferring with the subjects to submit the necessary documents, Austria stressed.
[14] Nonstandard abbreviations: SNV, single nucleotide variation; indels, insertions and deletions; CNV, copy number variation; WGS, whole genome sequencing; WES, whole exome sequencing; MAF, mutant allele frequency; FFPE, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded; COSMIC, Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer; TCGA, The Cancer Genome Atlas; FDR, false discovery rate; FET, Fisher exacttest; H.DEL., highly deleted; H.AMP., highly amplified; ECN, estimated copy number; PCAG, potentially clinically actionable gene; Can DrA, cancer driver annotator; MSI, microsatellite instability.
After his reappointment, PCAG was officially reactivated in the bureau to audit transaction records of importers and brokers through Customs Memorandum Order (CMO) No.
President Duterte reappointed him and he was given another post in the bureau as PCAG head last December until he submitted his second resignation letter last Feb.
The pLVX-IRES-tdTomato vector (Clontech Laboratories, Mountain View, CA) was cotransfected with the viral core packaging construct PAX2 and the VSV-G envelope protein vector pCAG VSV-G into HEK293T cells (ATCC CRL-1573; Manassas, VA) to generate lentivirus for expression of tdTomato (Lenti-Tom), using previously published protocols [29].
This questionnaire consists of 49 true-false questions and is made up of 5 scales that differentiate 5 subjective effects: 1) the Morphin-Benzedrine Group (BMG) scale, which measures the effect of Euphoria, 2) the Pentobarbital-Chlorpromazine-Alcohol Group (PCAG) scale, which measures the Sedation effect, 3) the Lysergic Acid-Diethylamide (LSD) scale, which measures Dysphoria and psychotomimetic changes, 4) the Benzedrine Group, which measures the Stimulant-sensitive scale and 5) the A scale, or Amphetamine Group, which measures Amphetaminic effects.
ARCI self-rating subjective subscales consisted of the Morphine-Benzedrine group, Phenobarbital-Chlorpromazine-Alcohol group (PCAG), and Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) and the Opiate Withdrawal Subscale.
(LAG207) PAUL THOMASON, CEO of PRIMACOM AG (PCAG), describes the company's business and its background; prospects for the industry, with positive and negative trends; competitive threats; strategic opportunities for the firm including its marketing plans and acquisition potential; management strength and organization; and the financial prospects of the firm looking forward.
Post Clearance Audit Group (PCAG) has been officially reactivated in the Bureau of Customs to audit transaction records of importers and brokers.
"He will lead the Post-Clearance Audit Group (PCAG), formerly Post-Entry Audit Group (PEAG).The title assistant commissioner is only being used for the PCAG," a source from the BOC told the Manila Bulletin.