PCARPennsylvania Coalition Against Rape
PCARProperty Condition Assessment Report
PCARPoint Contact Andreev Reflection (physics)
PCARPractical Cognitive Agents and Robots (symposium)
PCARPresumed Circle Area Ratio
PCARPapillon Club of America Rescue
PCARPost Contract Award Review
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Thus, we diagnosed the patient with PCAR (Banff 2013 classification: i2, t2, g0, ptc1, v0, ci0, ct0, cg0, cv0, ah1, and aah0).
The revision to the PCAR will take effect 15 days after its publication in the Official Gazette or in newspapers of general circulation.
Results of the PCAR indicated that the eigenvalues for the contrasts did not exceed the value of 2.0, confirming the unidimensionality of the three final TLC-n forms (TLC-n-1, TLC-n-2 and TLC-n-3) and every form of the TLC-e.
(4) Rasch-residual-based principal components analysis (PCAR) shows contrasts between opposing factors, not loadings on one factor (Linacre 2007).
Because of the PCAR 2011 and associated deleveraging plans, Irish-owned banks have dramatically changed their funding mix.
O rendimento da carcaca (RCAR) foi obtido a partir da relacao entre o peso da carcaca (PCAR) e o peso corporal (PCORP) da codorna viva aos 42 dias de idade.
Prudential Capital Assessment Review (PCAR) undertaken by the Irish
su su po pcar wh ev eve mak mor "B cy cycle co comm to fee they "Because of the cycle of abuse, it is common for women to feel scared and that they are to blame."
The first is that we assume that 3 billion [euro] of the PCAR (11) bank recapitalisation monies will be refunded in 2014 bringing the total cost of bank recapitalisations to 17 billion [euro].
O par de "primers" PCPF (5'GGCTGCTTGTTTACGCGACA-3') e PCaR (5'CCA-GTACCACCAGCAACTAA-3') (NEILAN et al., 1995) foi utilizado na amplificacao do espacador intergenico das subunidades [alpha] e [beta] do operon da ficocianina (PC-IGS), como controle positivo para a presenca de DNA de cianobacteria na amostra.
PCAR hired a PREA coordinator to assist in managing and implementing the project.