PCASPPrivately Contracted Armed Security Personnel
PCASPPassive Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer Probe
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In regards to Somali piracy, these operations have made use of naval patrols and convoys, PCASP, and industry's BMP.
(17) PMSCs provide privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) to defend merchant vessels traversing pirate-filled waters.
While these are positive steps, the degree to which state regulations shape the actual behavior of PCASP teams is unclear.
The UHSAS-A and PCASP data revealed a huge increase of around 100 particles per cubic centimeter (particles [cm.sup.-3]) in the 0.1-0.2-[micro]m size range, and 400 particles [cm.sup.-3] in the 1.1-3.1-[micro]m size range.
Profiles of the aerosol concentration measured by PCASP probes on (a) the SAFIRE ATR 42 between 0800 and 1100 UTC,(b)the DLR Falcon 20 between 1120 and 1500 UTC, and (c) the BAS Twin Otter between I600 and I750 UTC 5 Jul 20I6.
2001) LWC Cloud liquid water content (#14 A-CLD) MEE Particle mass extinction efficiency (#7 mee) MPL Micro-pulse lidar (#15 HTS) NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research (Boulder, CO) NOAA National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration OPC Optical particle counter (#3 GRO) Open-INeph UMBC open (to the atmosphere) imaging nephelometer (#13 A-PHA) PA Photo-acoustic analyzer (#2 ABS) PCASP Passive cavity aerosol spectrometer probe (#14 A-CLD) (www.dropletmeasurement.com/ products/airborne/PCASP-IOOX) PI-Neph UMBC polarized imaging nephelometer (#6 PHA) (Dolgos et al.
The importance of the latter has been widely debated in recent years, particularly with respect to the need and desirability of embarking armed security guards, whether Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) or the Vessel Protection Detachments (VPDs) provided from armed forces personnel.
The GASSP database includes measurements from scanning and differential mobility particle sizers (SMPS/DMPS), aerodynamic particle sizers (APS), differential mobility analyzers (DMA), ultra-high-sensitivity aerosol spectrometers (UHSAS), passive cavity aerosol spectrometer probes (PCASP), and optical particle counters (OPC).
(242.) See Responses Received on PCASP, INT'L MARITIME ORG., http://www.imo.org/ourwork/security/piracyarmedrobbery/pages/responses-received-on-private%20armed%20security.aspx (last visited Mar.
The number concentration measured by the Passive Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer Probe (PCASP) instrument, sensitive to particle diameters of 100 nm and larger [N.sub.>100], steadily increased farther downwind within the plume (Fig.
The Passive Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer Probe 100-X (PCASP), upgraded with the SPP-200 electronics package from Droplet Measurement Technologies (DMT), measures aerosol particles with nominal diameters of 0.1-3 [micro]m.
Wasey, 1992: Response of particle measuring systems airborne ASASP and PCASP to NaCl and latex particles.