PCATSPetroleum Convenience Alliance for Technology Standards
PCATSPrism-Constrained Activity-Travel Simulator (forecasting)
PCATSPortobello Campaign Against the Superstore (Scotland, UK)
PCATSMaintain Personal Computer-Based Automated Test System
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As part of THE Tech EVENT, Scott Hartman, president and CEO of Rutter's Farm Stores, and Gene Gerke, president of Gerke & Associates Inc., were inducted as the third class of the PCATS Technology Hall of Fame.
The head of York, Pa.-based Rutter's has been active in the tech segment of the c-store industry since 1995, when he got involved with the NACS Technology Standards Project, which ultimately led to the creation of PCATS in 2004.
pCats don't go bald or develop unsightly beer bellies.
pCats like to be pampered but are philosophical if they're not indulged all of the time; men need to be pampered otherwise they start sulking and muttering "you don't love me anymore."
pCats are fiercely independent creatures; men like to think they're selufficient, but invariably go to pieces if left at home on their own for more than an evening.
pCats don't leave the toilet seat up and their whiskers in the wash basin when they've had a shave.
In 2004, this work evolved into PCATS. Since then, PCATS has grown its membership to more than 170 companies, representing more than 22,000 stores and virtually all technology and services vendors selling into the industry.
"This is a clear win-win for both organizations' memberships," said PCATS Executive Director Gray Taylor, who also is a payment consultant to NACS.
The Technology Standards Project evolved into PCATS in 2004 and over the past six years, PCATS has grown its membership to roughly 150 companies, representing more than 20,000 stores and virtually all industry technology and services vendors.
While PCATS was busy working on the unglamorous tasks of making stuff work, NACS became ensconced early on in the mandates that the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) and the credit card brands forced upon the industry.
So in May, we announced that NACS integrated PCATS as independent standards organization that is now part of NACS.
Through active participation in organizations like NACS and PCATS, we can help shape the future of technology.