PCAUPost Conflict Assessment Unit (UNEP)
PCAUPrevent Child Abuse Utah
PCAUPalliative Care Association of Uganda (est. 1999; Kampala, Uganda)
PCAUProperty Calculator Australia
PCAUPrimary Care Assessment Unit (UK)
PCAUProgram Channel Access Unit
PCAUPeanut Company of Australia (Queensland, Australia)
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PCAU = 1 if the bank is undercapitalized, substantially
where [[Mu].sub.j,t] and [[Omega].sub.j,t] are error terms, and PCAA x [CAP.sub.j, t-1] and PCAU x [CAP.sub.j, t-1] are interaction terms, which allow a bank's speed of adjustment to be influenced by the PCA zone the bank is in.
In the capital equations of each table, the impact of the regulatory pressure variables are captured both by an intercept term (PCAA or PCAU) and a speed of adjustment term (PCAA x [CAP.sub.t-1] or PCAU x [CAP.sub.t-1]).
The same results appear to hold true for undercapitalized banks (PCAU), although the timing and magnitude of the changes appear somewhat different.
It is also interesting to compare the parameter estimates on PCAU and PCAA in the capital equations.