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PCBMPhenyl C61 Butyric Acid Methyl Ester
PCBMPassive Common Berthing Mechanism (NASA/ISS)
PCBMParticulate Cancellous Bone and Marrow
PCBMPrinted Circuit Board Mount
PCBMProfessional Certificate in Business and Management (San Diego, CA)
PCBMPhysics Chemistry Biology Mathematics (college courses)
PCBMPerineurial Cell Basement Membrane
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The introduction of ZnO (CBL) along with TiO2 electrospun nanofibers facilitate better alignment between the work function of ITO and LUMO of PCBM [18], resulted in an improved PCE
Material Type Solvent Chlorobenzene/Dichlorobenzene Conjugated Polymer P3HT Fullerene Acceptor PCBM Polymer Additive PEDOT:PSS Substrate ITO Coated Glass/PET Metal Electrode Aluminum/Silver Table 2.
Since the customer was satisfied with the quality of the product, they were responsive to the request by PCBM for a review of the $48 price.
As different solvents present different solubility to P3HT polymer and PCBM acceptor consequently, the solvent mixture method can offer wide range of arrangements among the components of the composite.
As compared with other employed co-solvents, TOL solvent dissolves more of the P3HT chains and lesser of PCBM so, co-precipitation of both components may lead to intermixed domains of donor-acceptor that limits the apparent crystallisation of P3HT chains in the blend film due to interference by PCBMs.
The polarization of PCBM domains and the localized internal electrical field formed among the adjacent domains were suggested to explain the electrical transition of the memory device, which is shown in Fig.