PCBMNpalmar cutaneous branch of the median nerve
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reported the presence of the PCBMN in all 25 dissected hands, of which 3 could be endangered by a carpal tunnel release incision.
In contrast to MN compressive syndromes, isolated compression of the PCBMN is uncommon with few reports in the literature related to atypical PL muscle (Stellbrink, 1972), FCR tendon sheath cysts (Gessini et al., 1983; Buckmiller & Rickard, 1987) and FDS muscular fascia (Shimizu et al, 1988).
Anatomical variations of the PCBMN are not rare and could endanger the nerve during surgical approach for the volar wrist and proximal palm.
In 18 forearms, the PCBMN (a) origin from the MN (b) proximal to the FDS muscle belly (c).
In 12 forearms, the PCBMN (a) has its origin from the MN (b) distal to the FDS muscle belly (c).
In a right forearm from one specimen, two PCBMN were identified.
In a right forearm from one specimen, two PCBMN (a and b) originated closely from the radial margin of the MN (c) and united after 2 cm, following as one single branch (d) with ramifications proximal to the WFC.
A single PCBMN (a) originating from the MN (b) dividing in two branches.