PCBTPacific Coast Business Times
PCBTProctored, Computer-Based Testing (Ball State University; Muncie, IN)
PCBTPressure Cooker Bias Test (electronics)
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Assistant Director Manuscript, PCBT, Ata Dastgir admitted the presence of unapproved books in the market saying that his department lacked the required manpower and resources to enforce the relevant laws.
Wide-angle X-ray diffraction (WAXD) measurements were carried out using an X-ray diffractometer (M18XHF-SRA, MAC Science, Yokohama, Japan) using Ni-filtered Cu K[alpha] X-rays ([lambda] = 0.1542 nm) to investigate the crystalline structure of the CBT and pCBT resins with regard to annealing temperature and time, and the diffraction intensity was recorded by continuous scanning at a rate of 0.02[degrees] [s.sup.-1] over the range 10[degrees] < 2[theta] < 40[degrees] ([theta] = Bragg angle).
2 shows the processing time for 90% conversion from CBT to pCBT at processing temperatures of 170, 190, 200, 210, 230, and 250[degrees]C.
The melting temperature and heat of fusion of the CBT and pCBT resins are summarized in Table 1.
For pCBT, the measurements should be performed with a mixture of chlorofornVhexafluoro-2-propanol (HFIP) as solvent (98/2 CHCI3/HFIP) (10), (11), which is rare and expensive.
Using these kinetics parameters, the kinetics model could predict the variation of molecular weight, pCBT concentration, and even the viscoelastic functions such as viscosity and modulus during the polymerization.
Since in this case, n = 1000, which is well above the experimentally reported maximum values for pCBT, was taken.
In a previous report (6) addressing the urinary elimination of HCB metabolites, we found a very strong correlation between HCB serum concentrations and pentachlorobenzenetiol (PCBT) in urine.
This alkaline hydrolysis yields free PCP and PCBT. After cooling and acidification with concentrated HCl (pH 1), HCB and metabolites were extracted twice with 5 mL benzene; the solvent extracts were concentrated to 0.5 mL and treated with 0.5 mL diazoethane in diethyl ether.
CBT polymerization can be performed below and above the melting temperature of the resulting pCBT (~225[degrees]C).
The cyclics polymerization of CBT oligomers to pCBT polymers is shown in Fig.