PCC1Permanent Consultative Committee 1
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Thus PCC1 (Smith 1990) reflect the actual reflection of contrail coverage better than PCC2 (Sudqvist et al., 1989) in model simulation, based on our observations and comparison.
Two kinds of potential contrail coverage (PCC1 and PCC2), from contrail parameterization in ECHAM4 and HadGEM2, are compared with distribution of COP.
Caption: Figure 7: Plot of COP fraction versus the mean of RHI, PCC1, and PCC2 values calculated in 1[degrees] x 1[degrees] grid box.
RHI PCC1 PCC2 AI COP 0.59 ** 0.52 ** 0.45 ** AVI COP 0.72 ** 0.68 ** 0.39 ** Note.
The high aspect ratio and NPSD, coupled with the rhombohedral and orthorhombic shapes of PCC1 and PCC2, respectively, assist in particle alignment during coating consolidation (Appendix Aa).
As the PCC1 or PCC2 is increased gradually in the coating color formulations, the pigment particle size distribution becomes narrower and the porosity of the coating structure increases (Fig.
An almost similar trend in scattering coefficient and opacity of the coated paper was observed with PCC1 and PCC2, whereas it was somewhat higher in the case of PCC3.
Because of the BPSD and shape of PCC3, the orientation of particles is comparatively lower than those of PCC1 and PCC2, which results in a relatively lower drop in viscosity with PCC3 particles.
In the case of PCC3, the effect on water retention of the color is relatively low as compared to PCC1 and PCC2 pigments, principally because of its BPSD level and its clustered rosette shape.