PCCTPalliative Care Consult Team (various organizations)
PCCTPersonal Computer Club of Toronto
PCCTPhilippine Chamber of Commerce Toronto (Canada)
PCCTPastoral Counseling Centers of Tennessee, Inc. (Nashville, TN)
PCCTPhoenix College of Clothing Technology (Sri Lanka)
PCCTPeritoneal Contrast Computed Tomography
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This is a request for information (rfi) relating to the environment agency project cost carbon tool (pcct).
In provincial coordinated cotton trials (PCCT), NIAB-777 produced 11.0 % and 22.1% higher yield compared to cv.
PCCT has expressed serious interest in the program.
Various yield trials (local, zonal i.e., NCVT, PCCT, 1.25 acre PSC farm etc.) were conducted at public sector experimental institutes etc during 2007-2012.
Under this agreement, Hitachi and Redlen will collaborate to develop a new multi-energy PCCT semiconductor detector module.
Hitachi will investigate a range of new diagnostic applications for PCCT based on the clinical evaluations planned both domestically and internationally.
The original Evens instrument was the basis for the PCCT used in this study to assess child feeding, dietary variables and oral hygiene practices.
The PCCT also organized Tree to Life, a benefit dinner to raise funds for the enhancement of embryo-culture technology as a means to propagate production of makapuno trees and develop a makapuno island in Alabat, Quezon.
Results of the PCCT questionnaire found statistically significant positive changes in the number of times the children's teeth were cleaned or brushed and the use of shared eating utensils.
This deal includes that Hitachi and Redlen would cooperate to unveil a new multi-energy PCCT semiconductor detector module.
First, the overall prevalence rate indicates whether the women reported at least one of the behaviours described in the three PCCTS subscales over the one-year period covered by the survey.