PCCYPhiladelphia Citizens for Children and Youth
PCCYPublic Citizens for Children and Youth (Philadelphia, PA)
PCCYPolicy Council on Children and Youth (Health and Human Services Agency; Mendocino County, CA)
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In a report by the Canadian Council on Social Development, it was estimated that by 2016, 25% of Canada's children and youth will have arrived in the country as immigrants or refugees (PCCY, 2006).
Responding to concerns expressed by state legislators, teacher union leadership, the Philadelphia school district, parents, children, and school staff, the Philadelphia Citizens for children and Youth (PCCY) and the Alliance Organizing Project identified perceptions of the current climate in the city's schools and obtained suggestions for improvement.
Recognizing the need for state funds to augment the local, national, and philanthropic support for youth development in Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY) examined the experiences of other states in successfully supporting youth development initiatives.