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PCDBProcess Capability Database
PCDBProject Control Database Programs
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* All Charlson comorbidities are not captured in the PCDB. The following are captured: myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, liver disease, diabetes mellitus, leukemia, lymphoma, AIDS, cerebrovascular Disease, dementia, pulmonary disease, rheumatologic disease, and peptic ulcer.
Cardiomyocytes were randomly divided into the following groups for treatment: (1) normal control (C); (2) hypoxia (95% N [sub]2 -5% CO [sub]2 ) for 8 hours and reoxygenation (95% air-5% CO [sub]2 ) for 16 hours (H/R); (3) overexpression by transfection with pcDNA3.1-CRT for 24 hours prior to H/R (CRT); (4) vector control transfection with pcDNA3.1 for 24 hours prior to H/R (pcDB); (5) stealth RNAi transfection for 24 hours prior to H/R (siCRT); (6) negative control siRNA transfection for 24 prior to H/R (si-neg).
The proposal called for customizing the Human Systems software programs using a personal computer (PC)-based database management system from PCDB,(1) running on a PC-based client-server architecture.