PCDCPrimary Care Development Corporation
PCDCPhiladelphia Commercial Development Corporation (Philadelphia, PA)
PCDCPhiladelphia Chinatown Development Corporation (Pennsylvania; community activist group)
PCDCProton City Development Corporation Sdn Bhd
PCDCParents of Children with Diabetes in Croydon (UK)
PCDCPakistan Corporate Development Centre
PCDCPlanning and Community Development Commission (Lyons, Colorado)
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PCDC has worked with Beyond Value for two years to utilize Zonability to provide residents, real estate professionals and businesses an easier way to evaluate residential or commercial properties in Pflugerville.
The director of the PCDC, Ibrahim Abu Lughod, placed an emphasis on several aspects of Palestinian education reform, including changes in education practices, standards, and textbooks.
PCDC provides financial resources and technical assistance to non-profit providers such as CHN to build and operate new or expanded primary care centers.
PCDC launched the Company Store initiative with the help of Philadelphia Mayor Edward Rendell's $2.2 billion economic stimulus program to revive the city's economy and neighborhoods.
During a visit there in 1998, I became involved and joined PCDC and became a sponsor.
The Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC) recently announced the sale of $14.7 million in bonds issued by the New York State Dormitory Authority to renovate and expand the Union Health Center.
The festival, organised jointly by students from Newcastle University and representatives from St Thomas's Church, Newcastle, took place on Haymarket Green, in support of the Palestinian Charity for Disabled Children (PCDC).