PCDEPeak Code Domain Error
PCDEPolychlorinated Diphenyl Ether
PCDEPrimary Cultures of Differentiated Enterocytes (cell biology)
PCDEPharmacy Council on Diabetes Education (San Rafael, CA)
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In addition, from the PCDE's inception in February 1935, Huggins had been praised for his dedication, hard work, and his ability to coordinate Black and interracial organizations concerned about Italian aggression toward Ethiopia.
He had previously established a working relationship with the communists during his association with the PCDE. As his commitment to "united front" politics declined, old tensions that characterized the clash between Garveyites and the New York Marxist community led to communist efforts to discredit Huggins.
The five other speakers at the PCDE gathering were Alfred L.
The PCDE is -21.95 dB compared to a requirement of less than -33 dB.
In contrast, the signal with the alternative channel allocation shows better but still marginal performance: The EVM at 16.69% and PCDE at -34.82 dB are both just inside the W-CDMA system specifications.
And finally, provided the symbol EVM of the active codes remains below the composite EVM limit, the composite EVM of the signal and its PCDE can effectively be ignored.
Comparison of Modulation Quality Composite EVM % PCDE Code Number Symbol EVM % 32 20.9 33 20.2 Adjacent 34 21.2 Code Allocation 25.36 -21.95 35 20.6 36 20.8 37 20.6 38 21.4 0 5.5 1 6.1 2 5.2 Alternative 4 5.7 Code Allocation 16.69 -34.82 8 5.5 16 5.4 32 5.6 FOR MORE INFORMATION
TS 34.121 Terminal Conformance Specification Function 5 Transmitter Test 5.2 Maximum Output Power Power Level 5.3 Frequency Stability Frequency 5.4 Output Power Dynamics in the Uplink 5.4.1 Open Loop Power Control in the Uplink Power Level 5.4.2 Inner Loop Power Control in the Uplink Power Level 5.4.3 Minimum Output Power Power Level 5.5 Transmit ON/OFF Power 5.5.1 Transmit OFF Power Power Level 5.8 Occupied Bandwidth Spectrum 5.9 Spectrum Emission Mask Spectrum 5.10 Adjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio Spectrum 5.13 Transmit Modulation 5.13.1 Modulation Accuracy EVM 5.13.2 Peak Code Domain Error PCDE 6 Receiver Test 6.2 Reference Sensitivity Level BER 6.3 Maximum Input Level BER 7 Performance Requirements 7.2.1 Demodulation of Dedicated Channel BLER Table 1.
Members of this superfamily include the PCDD/PCDFs, PCBs, PCDEs, and polychlorinated naphthalenes (PCNs), as well as the polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs) and PBDEs (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry no.
The PCDEs similarly induce EROD, also with penta activity greater than tetra activity (80,81).
Studies of the structurally related PCDEs offer some supporting evidence that PBDEs disrupt thyroid hormone balance.