PCDIProfessional Career Development Institute
PCDIPrinceton Child Development Institute (Princeton, NJ)
PCDIPostdoc Career Development Initiative (Netherlands)
PCDIProwers County Development, Inc. (Lamar, CO)
PCDIPer Capita Disposable Income
PCDIPatient-Centered Data Input
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Meadows Miler, sponsored by many local businesses and families, benefits the Princeton Child Development Institute (PCDI) and after 500 runners in its first year, is planning for year two.
"I wanted to combine my love for running and the community with support of PCDI and its impact on positive outcomes for local families who have children on the autism spectrum."
Part of that competitiveness stems from PCDI's multidistillation technology which assures the quality of this traditional Philippine alcoholic beverage from coconut nectar.
Female sex of the child revealed a significant correlation with the PCDI after adjustment for occupation, joint family, and education of the parents (T = 2.55, sig = 0.014).
The PCDI is one of the accreditation criteria used by the MOHW to designate tertiary general hospitals in the NHI program.
To see the differences between theatrical and P2P distribution of cinema films, the films were ranked according to 1) the number of moviegoers in Portuguese theatres and 2) the P2P Cinema Distribution Index (PCDI).
Orders of integration ADF-statistic p-value l(rph) *-3.42 0.05 I(1) dl(rph) ***-4.97 0.00 R3m -2.16 0.22 I(1) d(r3m) ***-10.66 0.00 Brr -2.29 0.18 I(1) d(brr) ***-12.53 0.00 Lty -0.98 0.76 I(1) d(lty) ***-7.01 0.00 Ltv -1.72 0.42 I(1) d(ltv) ***-6.80 0.00 l(pcdi) -1.56 0.80 I(1) dl(pcdi} ***-18.21 0.00 hhhs -3.17 0.11 I(1) d(hhhs) ***-6.35 0.00 l(hh) ***-4.34 0.01 I(0) l(hs) -1.70 0.74 I(1) dl(hs) ***-6.36 0.00 Notes: sample period: 1963Q4 to 201OQ3.
Siguiendo a Weber (1996) algunas de las limitaciones del enfoque de los PCDI -que son validas para el caso que nos ocupa- son las siguientes: la ausencia de una estrategia de desarrollo, ya que se responde a demandas inmediatas de los pobladores sin una reflexion sobre el largo plazo; la persistencia de la vision-objetivo de mantener a la naturaleza alejada de las presiones antropicas; el tratamiento local a los problemas que rebasan el marco de los proyectos con la hipotesis implicita de que las presiones son el resultado de estas poblaciones.
(45) Items representative of three content areas (education, career and religion) are included in the PCDI. (46) They are written to represent: a) the three positional groupings defined by Perry (dualism, relativism and personal commitment in a relativistic world), b) the relevant content areas (as defined above); and c) the nature and origin of knowledge, values and responsibility (as underlying conceptual themes).
(PCDI) are entrepreneurs committed to drive the coconut farming industry to higher levels of productivity.
Although the impact of PCDI and TNPP on the nonisothermal crystallization of PLA was briefly reported in Refs.