PCDIProfessional Career Development Institute
PCDIPrinceton Child Development Institute (Princeton, NJ)
PCDIPostdoc Career Development Initiative (Netherlands)
PCDIProwers County Development, Inc. (Lamar, CO)
PCDIPer Capita Disposable Income
PCDIPatient-Centered Data Input
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The nomenclature used for the nanocomposites is as follows: PLA-2C--PCDI, PLA-2C--TNPP, and PLA-2C--J for the systems containing 2 wt% PCDI, 1 wt% TNPP, or 1 wt% Joncryl as a chain extender and PLA-2C for PLA and clay only.
The incorporation of PCDI into PLA increased the cold-crystallization temperature from 106 to 114[degrees]C, while it slightly decreased the extent of crystallinity (from 6.
Considering that the incorporation of PCDI into PLA further reduces the segmental mobility of polymer chains, a more imperfect crystallites are expected to form in the PLA-PCDI system when compared with neat PLA.
The nucleating effect of clay particles is more pronounced in the PLA nanocomposite treated with PCDI (PLA-2C--PCDI).
The CMI was higher in the general hospitals with [greater than or equal to] 301 beds than in those with [less than or equal to] 300 beds, and the PCDI was higher in general hospitals with [greater than or equal to] 301 beds.
PCDI Top 20 Films in Portugal and Production Countries, 2007.
Data obtained from the PCDI are, therefore, analyzed on nine relevant domains (three positional levels x three content areas).
The LSHQ and the PCDI were both completed, in the classroom, during the fall semester, by permission of the department heads and with the cooperation of the instructors whose courses were selected for this purpose.
Pearson correlation coefficients were used to analyze the relationship between Perry's developmental positions, as measured by the PCDI, and the approaches to studying, surveyed through the LSHQ.
This may be due to the fact that, in the PCDI, relativism and commitment have correlated positively (Parker & Hood, 1997), in spite of the fact that the individual must assume, coherent with the Perry scheme, a predominant developmental position at a given time.
Together with Sterling Capital Partners we have developed PCDI into a leading competitor in the field of distance education.
DLJMB's strong level of interest is a great complement to the value and market presence that PCDI has built.