PCDIProfessional Career Development Institute
PCDIPrinceton Child Development Institute (Princeton, NJ)
PCDIPostdoc Career Development Initiative (Netherlands)
PCDIProwers County Development, Inc. (Lamar, CO)
PCDIPer Capita Disposable Income
PCDIPatient-Centered Data Input
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Indian Ridge Farm's Barclay Daranyi, a 2014 PCDI recipient, added : "I think PCDI has gone above and beyond the scope of work initially laid out in our grant.
The nomenclature used for the nanocomposites is as follows: PLA-2C--PCDI, PLA-2C--TNPP, and PLA-2C--J for the systems containing 2 wt% PCDI, 1 wt% TNPP, or 1 wt% Joncryl as a chain extender and PLA-2C for PLA and clay only.
The incorporation of PCDI into PLA increased the cold-crystallization temperature from 106 to 114[degrees]C, while it slightly decreased the extent of crystallinity (from 6.
Considering that the incorporation of PCDI into PLA further reduces the segmental mobility of polymer chains, a more imperfect crystallites are expected to form in the PLA-PCDI system when compared with neat PLA.
The nucleating effect of clay particles is more pronounced in the PLA nanocomposite treated with PCDI (PLA-2C--PCDI).
The addition of organoclay as a filler and TNPP as a chain extender slightly increased the measured values of [DELTA]H, while the incorporation of PCDI and/or Joncryl into PLA and the PLA-based nanocomposite decreased the enthalpy values.
The CMI was higher in the general hospitals with [greater than or equal to] 301 beds than in those with [less than or equal to] 300 beds, and the PCDI was higher in general hospitals with [greater than or equal to] 301 beds.
The flexibility that TARGUSinfo offered ultimately helped us become a better marketing organization," said Stuart Wingate, Director of Interactive Marketing for PCDI.
TARGUSinfo is focused on providing forward thinking institutions, such as PCDI, with the real-time data tools needed to reach more of their prospects.
PCDI delivers nationally accredited career training courses, associate and master's degree programs (Ashworth College) and high school diploma programs (James Madison High School) to distance and online learners in the U.
Together with Sterling Capital Partners we have developed PCDI into a leading competitor in the field of distance education.
DLJMB's strong level of interest is a great complement to the value and market presence that PCDI has built.