PCDJPersonal Computer Disc Jockey
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CDs enhanced with the PCDJ software will enable music fans to play and remix their CDs' music content (and other WAV or MP3 files) on home PCs.
We wanted an e-commerce solution that would complement our offline sales efforts and increase the speed at which we could get our PCDJ products into the hands of our clients," said Jim Bridgeforth, vice president of sales at Visiosonic.
Under the terms of the agreement, Visiosonic and MobileTech will share all revenues derived from sales of advertising and sponsorship inventory connected to the Art Media Player interface, and will also share revenues from online purchases of PCDJ software upgrades made by Art Media Player users.
The free PCDJ SILVER features a marquee banner messenger system, within which trivia contests will regularly appear encouraging users to click through to advertiser-sponsored PCDJ Web pages.
The PCDJ Broadcaster includes a powerful digital library that assisted Prentice as he roamed the 100 performances that made up the CMJ ChangeMusic Festival.
Visiosonic's PCDJ player has been downloaded 3 million times since its launch in March 1999, and represents the only digital media player that enables users to play and mix the music they listen to.
After installing an available software upgrade, the DMC-1's standard buttons become multifunctional, allowing users to gain full access to the many layers of advanced functions available in Visiosonic's PCDJ Pro Digital 1200sl software, included as part of the upgrade package.
Coupled with our own PCDJ user database of over one million music fans, we already have a built-in public.
PCDJ is the only multifunction music management system with dual mixing capabilities.
htm) The Touch CD included an MP3 version of the single "I Wonder Why (He's the Greatest DJ)," along with Visiosonic's dual-channel PCDJ MP3 player.