PCDOPrinceton Community Democratic Organization (Princeton, NJ)
PCDOPost Claim Determination Officer (Canada)
PCDOProgressive Constrained Distortion Optimal
PCDOPost-Conviction Defender Organization
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Even slight perturbation in one of these PCDO domains can have tremendous implications for the others.
Now that we have developed a working definition of social entrepreneurship and have elaborated on the PCDO framework from commercial entrepreneurship, we can begin to explore how the PCDO model applies to social entrepreneurship.
The previous section identified specific managerial considerations for negotiating the unique challenges of applying the PCDO framework to social entrepreneurship.
Second, Congress eliminated funding for the Postconviction Defender Organizations (PCDOs) that have represented indigent capital inmates at state postconviction proceedings.(179) In McFarland v.
(179.) About 20 PCDOs lost congressional funding as of September 30, 1996.
Funding cuts have not deterred Stevenson and former PCDO attorneys in other states who are determined to continue representing those on death row.
"I think you will see frustration and concern in the next few years as the judiciary feels the effects of PCDO defunding," Dieter said.
The bottom line is we need lawyers to assist those of us from the PCDO era who remain vigilant in our representation of death row inmates."
During the activity, PCDO officer Alvin Dela Cruz urged the participants to be open-minded throughout the workshop and register on Philippine Government Electronic Procurements System (PhilGEPS) to avail benefits from the government intended for cooperative sectors.
According to PCDO Victoria Ladica, this work has been a great help to cooperatives in Palawan to update them on modern technology and programs for the development of each cooperative.
To ensure proper implementation of the program, the PCDO conductedf orientation, area visitation, releasing of assistance and monitoring of the livelihood projects.