PCECVPurified Chick Embryo Cell Culture Rabies Vaccine
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These vaccines are PCECV developed by Barth and his associates using Flury LEP strain of rabies virus propagated in primary chick fibroblast cells.
At present, WHO only recommends three vaccines (HDCS, PCECV and PVRV) for I/D post exposure prophylaxis (18), (63).
The eight site regimen is used with PCECV and HDCV (1.0 mil ampoule) and consists of eight doses of about 0.1 ml I/D on day 0 (using a whole ampoule) on the arms, thighs, suprascapular and lower abdomen areas; four I/D doses on day 7 on the arms and thighs and one dose on days 28 and 91 also over the deltoid.
WHO recommendation on immunization of humans against rabies Vaccine Pre-exposure Post exposure immunization immunization HDCS Essen regimen (I/M) Yes Zagreb regimen (I/M) 8 site regimen (I/D) PCECV Essen regimen (I/M) Yes Zagreb regimen (I/M) 8 site regimen (I/D) PVRV Essen regimen (I/M) Yes Zagreb regimen (I/M) 2 site regimen (I/D) Passive immunization