PCELPrimary Care Electronic Library (UK)
PCELPenn Center for Educational Leadership (University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA)
PCELPower & Controls Engineering Ltd. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
PCELPhil Collins Easy Lover (artist and song)
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The participants of studies investigating this concept consider much higher long-term learning effects in PCeL conferred to conventional learning (Motschnig and Derntl, 2003; Motschnig and Mallich, 2004).
Myristicaceae S 12.5 Psidium guajaba Myrtaceae F 86.3 Quararibea asterolepis Bombacaceae F 73.6 Raphia taedigera Arecaceae S 30.3 Spondias mombin Anacardiaceae F 86.0 Spondias purpurea Anacardiaceae F 48.8 Virola koschnyii Myristicaceae S 35.1 MS Grasa Pcel Especie (%) (%) (%) Anacardium excelsum 98.8 15.5 13.5 Astrocaryum standleyanum 99.1 38.1 16.8 Bactris sp.
will be expanding its plant in Pcel with an investment of 6.4 billion forints (EUR 20 million), which the Government is assisting with 641 million forints in non-returnable funding.