PCEMPinellas County Emergency Management (Clearwater, FL)
PCEMPremier Cycle d'études Médicales (French)
PCEMPropulsion Contamination Effects Module (US NASA)
PCEMPoint-Charge Electrostatic Model
PCEMPrincipal Component Elimination Method (biomedical engineering)
PCEMParametric Cost Estimating Model (computer program)
PCEMPersonal Computer Emulator
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The savings calculated using the PCEM are due to medical cost avoidance, closing gaps in care, drug cost savings and productivity loss avoidance.
By using the PCEM, the researchers have measured the effective mass density of cell membranes during stem cell differentiation, and cancer cell response to drugs in an extended period.
The advantage of the PCEM system is being able to see as the live cell begins to attach to the sensor and then quantitatively and dynamically measure what happened at that time.
However, this study had not yet been published when the current study was conducted, and therefore it was not used in the development of PCEM.
(24) Because of the clarity of the Effort-Shape system of describing movement it served as a model for many of the elements of PCEM.
Phase 2: Development of the Performance Competence Evaluation Measure (PCEM)
The Performance Competence Evaluation Measure (PCEM) is a modification of ACE.
The logical validity of PCEM was established through assessment by two university dance professors (one of whom is a CMA) and three judges from the local professional dance community.
The reliability of PCEM was evaluated using the same three judges described above.
All except two subjects evaluated showed significant improvement in the four categories of PCEM between the first and second videotape sessions.
The validity and reliability of the measure suggest that increases in PCEM scores represent actual improvements in the dance performance of the subjects.
Training sessions for the judges are recommended for future use of PCEM and similar measures.