PCFFPolymer Consistent Force Field (chemistry)
PCFFParents Circle Families Forum (group for bereaved Palestinians and Israelis)
PCFFPodcast Film Fest
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PCFF is offering its participants more incentive when they
Apart from the money, it also gives PCFF participants another channel to promote their movies.
For hydrogen adsorption on LiX, KX, and CaX zeolites, the force field used was an enhanced version of the polymer consistent force field (PCFF) [21].
Prova de Consciencia Subteste rima Uma Marcar com um X a Fonologica por palavra falada e 5 figura cujo nome Escolha de Figuras figuras termina com os (PCFF) [24] mesmos sons.
"My son David was killed two years ago by a sniper," says Robi Demlin, an Israeli woman from the Parents Circles Families Forum (PCFF), an organization for the bereaved families supporting, peace, reconciliation and tolerance, while answering the questions of an Israeli radio host.