PCFHPhone Calls from Home (band)
PCFHProper Care and Feeding of Husbands (Laura Schlessinger book)
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It is reasonable to say that the interpretation of the values of RA, SA, PCFH and NA in this study should be analyzed altogether.
(2011) reported that the 25[degrees] DPO plates promoted similar ventroversion to the 20[degrees] OTP plates, but the authors do not mentioned other variables such as PCFH and NA.
Preoperative Immediate Postoperative RA 34.5 [+ or -] 19.0[degrees] 32.5 [+ or -] 17.5[degrees] SA 13.5 [+ or -] 7.0[degrees] 13.0 [+ or -] 6.0[degrees] 30 days 90 days RA 32.0 [+ or -] 17.0[degrees] 32.5 [+ or -] 16.5[degrees] SA 13.5 [+ or -] 6.5[degrees] 13.5 [+ or -] 6.0[degrees] Table 2--Mean [+ or -] standard deviation percentage coverage of the femoral head (PCFH) and Norberg angle (NA) in dogs with hip dysplasia that underwent double pelvic osteotomy.