PCFPPortofino Coal Fired Pizza (Homestead, FL)
PCFPPersonal and Corporate Financial Planning (UK)
PCFPPut Call Futures Parity (financial mathematics framework)
PCFPPrimary Care Flight Paramedic
PCFPProlonged Choroidal Filling Phase (ophthalmology)
PCFPPartnerships for Children and Families Project (children and families research project; Wellington and Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)
PCFPPulp Chamber Floor Perforation (oral medicine)
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These were canonical SMILES (SMILE) [17], 120bit ALOGP, 166-bit MACCS, and 1024-bit Path fingerprints (EPFP4) from Scitegic's Pipeline Pilot and 1024-bit CDK (CDKFP) and 881-bit Pubchem fingerprints (PCFP) from the PaDEL-descriptor software.
Table 10 shows that the value of the Kendall coefficient, 0.599, is significant at the 0.01 level of statistical significance; given that the result is significant, we can hence conclude that the overall ranking of the seven descriptors (for DS1 at 1% cutoff) is GBMD > CDKFP > SMILE > EPFP4 = MACCS > PCFP > ALOGP.
The overall ranking of the 7 descriptors based on the Kendall coefficient in Table 10 (for DS2 top 1%) is CDKFP > EPFP4 > GBMD > SMILE > MACCS > ALOGP > PCFP. The results in Tables 6, 7, and 10 show that the GBMD descriptor performs least well when the active molecules being sought have a high degree of structural homogeneity.