PCFSPC File System
PCFSPC Field System
PCFSParliamentary Commissioner for Standards (UK)
PCFSPacific Coast Fertility Society
PCFSPierce College Fort Steilacoom (Washington)
PCFSPhoton Correlation Fourier Spectroscopy
PCFSProjected Cash Flow Statement (finance and industry)
PCFSPhone Cards for Soldiers
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"The massacre affirmed the global trend of repression against rural peoples fighting for land, which was among the issues we are highlighting for the Day of the Landless," said Sylvia Mallari, global co-chairperson of PCFS.
'The SGLG criteria is harder this year so make good use of the PCF prize money.
Benabid, "Control of transient regime of stimulated Raman scattering using hollow-core PCF," Journal of the Optical Society of America B, vol.
PCFs based SPR, have been proposed for use as sensors [8], polarizers [9], and filters [10].
On the other hand, the PCFs and HPCFs also show a reduction in their elongation at break values in comparison to neat PLA as shown in Figure 2(c).
These studies showed that DMPP has the potential to substantially decrease [N.sub.2]O emissions but no data is available on the effect of other NIs or PCFs under sub-tropical conditions in Australia.
However, this may be an over simplistic approach, as research has indicated that obesity is a multifactorial problem (PCFS, 2000) which includes genetic (DNA) as well as epigenetic effects (Muller, BosyWestphal & Heymsfield, 2010).
Out of the two regular transverse PCF geometries, square-lattice PCF has been found to be a better candidate compared to its triangular counterpart with respect to single-mode operation and broadband dispersion compensation.
Many researches of supercontinuum generation in different waveguide structures such as single mode fibers [2], photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) [3-5], and silica nanowires [6] have been reported.
Photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) [7-12] have attracted great attention due to the high nonlinearity and the tailored dispersion profile.