PCFVPartnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles (UN Environment Programme; Nairobi, Kenya)
PCFVPrimary Cause for Variability
PCFVPeripheral Chromatic Field of Vision
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The mean ICV and PCFV's volumes were 1527.22 [+ or -] 253.89 [cm.sup.3] and 236.86 [+ or -] 48.71 [cm.sup.3] respectively.
According to sex the mean ICV and PCFV were 1594.51 [+ or -] 245.57 [cm.sup.3] and 244.89 [+ or -] 53.86 [cm.sup.3] in males, 1456.34 [+ or -] 241.85 [cm.sup.3] and 228.24 [+ or -] 41.38 [cm.sup.3] in females, respectively.
When the correlations between the ICV and PCFV measurements statistically analyzed, a positive correlation was determined between the results.
Normative data for the PCFV could be of value in the study of diseases that cause alterations in the size of the PCF (Prassopoulos et al., 1995).
The PCFV was calculated by summing consecutive CT cross-sectional areas.
investigated PCFV in 21 CMI patients, matched with an equal number of pediatric controls by using MR images.
Researchers demostrated that lower PCFV to ICV ratio which pointing to an overcrowded posterior fossa was important and necessary criterion for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease related to PCF.
To the best of our knowledge, there was no study in the literature that investigated the development of ICV, PCFV and volume ratios of PCF to IC in children by the stereological technique.
The volume values of the ICV and PCFV according to age.
The closest point to the flammability limit curve is calculated by MAAP just before the first opening of the PCFV relief valve.
In the absence of the containment spray system and the active heat removal, the wall would be breached after one day following the loss of complete power supply if the relief valve of the PCFV system does not open.
Caption: FIGURE 1: PCFV system layout, taken from [9].