PCHBPollution Control Hearings Board
PCHBPre-Charge Half-Buffer
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In the event they are unable to do so, we are pleased to report that the Crown Jewel project has an alternative mining scenario that significantly mitigates the concerns raised by the PCHB and is still economically attractive.
On a motion by the Department of Ecology for clarification, PCHB later explained its curious interpretation of the statute to mean that the Department of Ecology did not have the discretion to deny a permit for an exemption granted by statute.
PCHB addressed the issue of transferability of domestic water rights in the 1995 case of Knight v.
Ecology,(157) PCHB again addressed the domestic use exemption in a case involving issues strikingly similar to Green.
The holding by PCHB that exempt rights cannot be transferred helps define the nature of the water right obtained through an exempt withdrawal.
In Green, PCHB essentially assigned the Department of Ecology a perfunctory duty to issue domestic permits memorializing any domestic use.
169) On one hand, PCHB properly held that the Department of Ecology must deny permits, even for multiple domestic purposes, whenever withdrawals from groundwater threaten to impair hydraulically connected waters.
The PCHB also held that the Company's wetlands mitigation plan, which was approved not only by Ecology, but also by the U.
Taking into account these most recent rulings, the project has prevailed on all rulings made by the PCHB, with over 30 of the 47 issues raised in appeals having been decided to date.