PCHCPartnership for Clear Health Communication (also seen as PFCHC)
PCHCPenobscot Community Health Care (est. 1997; Maine)
PCHCPhilippine Clearing House Corporation
PCHCPhiladelphia Coordinated Health Care (Philadelphia, PA)
PCHCPilot City Health Center (Minneapolis, MN)
PCHCPhiladelphia Consolidated Holding Co. (Philadelphia, PA)
PCHCPenn Cultural Heritage Center (University of Pennsylvania Museum)
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PCHC is a non-profit organization that supports the physical and behavioral healthcare needs of individuals living with intellectual disabilities and autism living in Southeastern Pennsylvania.
PCHC serves as public health entity for people with special needs.
PCHC recognized that individuals and their caregivers, including family members, sometimes need help to understand a medical diagnosis, terminology and instructions how to treat it.
Second, they compared the number of pregnancies observed in these trials with the number that would have been expected if PCHC had not been used.
We argue that both methods they used to compute the expected number of pregnancies are likely to lead to underestimation of the efficacy of PCHC, with one method producing severe underestimates.
The ultimate goal of the project is to enhance the overall performance of PCHC care teams and to improve the patient experience.
So, when the major medical academies endorsed and advocated for the establishment of a 'patient-centered medical home' nationwide, PCHC was already engaged in that model," said Rev.
Using the PCHCs CICS, only the digital images of checks and their electronic payment information are needed to be transmitted to the paying bank.
With VSoft's software, PCHC captures check images for its member institutions.
VSoft's image archive solution offers PCHC and its network of banks powerful search capabilities to quickly perform research on customer data, transaction data and item images.
This combination of VSoft solutions provides PCHC with a comprehensive image-based clearing system.
Founded in 1997, PCHC is one of the largest Federally Qualified Health Centers in New England, and its practitioners will treat more than one third of the population in the greater Bangor region this year.