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For example, a key standard of PCHH recognition includes enhancing access to care.
HRSA has set a goal for 25% of FQHCs to be PCHH certified by September 30, 2013.
This webpage offers answers to basic questions about PCHH. What is it?
NCQA is one of the organizations health centers can turn to when seeking PCHH certification.
While it can be tempting for practices to approach PCHH as an exercise in satisfying NCQA's requirements in order to achieve the desired recognition, we have cleaved to this maxim.
And that was before PCHH and the additional tasks of outreach and care coordination that it embodies.
PCHH teams from CCHN have been established at the CHCs and are actively implementing PCHH transformation.
Colorado's CHCs have embraced the PCHH model of their own volition.