PCHLPacific Coast Hockey League
PCHLPeoples Choice Home Loan (various locations)
PCHLProfessional Canadian Hockey League
PCHLPermanent Congenital Hearing Loss (infants)
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All except 4 isolates from patients who had PCHL >5 h had a single K13 mutant allele (19/23), and all isolates except 1 (G538V) from case-patients who had PCHL <5 h carried the K13 3D7 wild-type allele (9/10).
Previous reports have inconsistently associated the N458Y mutation with ART-R; 7 case-patients with PCHL >5 h were reported by Ashley et al.
Conflicting data observed between PCHL and RSA values for 4 mutant alleles (E252Q, P441L, G538V, and A675V) require further targeted approaches to relate them to previous reports.