PCHTPotomac Country House Tour (Maryland)
PCHTPackaging, Crating, Handling, and Transportation
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This contributes to the achievement of PCHT theory.
([double dagger]) IVDMD = in vitro dry matter disappearance, NDF = neutral detergent fiber, PCHT = consumption based on difference in plant height, PCDW percent consumption based on difference in plant dry weight.
Mean neutral detergent fiber (NDF) and percent consumption based on differences in height (PCHT) and dry weight (PCDW) for two groups of smooth bromegrass divergently selected for NDF concentration.
Phenotypic correlation coefficients between percent consumption (PCHT and PCDW) and forage nutritive quality (NDF and IVDMD), within constant plant size classes in smooth bromegrass clones selected divergently for IVDMD([double dagger]) and NDF([double dagger]).
It can be said that the VNAP has been a solid foundation for the PCHT Law.
The PCHT Law will help Vietnam to get closer with international anti-trafficking frameworks and practices and help to eliminate gender-based causes and consequences of human trafficking crime.