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PCI-XPeripheral Component Interconnect eXtended
PCI-XParametrized Configuration Interaction (with Parameter X)
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The second problem solved is that of I/O expansion, since two PCI-X cards can be added to this single riser card.
The AMD-8132 HyperTransport PCI-X 2.0 tunnel for servers and workstations will be made available in the fourth quarter of 2004.
"PCI-SIG has selected the new Agilent test tools to help facilitate interaction between members testing the PCI-X 2.0 specification at our compliance workshops," said Al Yanes, president of PCI-SIG.
PCI Express will eventually replace PCI, PCI-X and AGP parallel buses.
To solve this dilemma, Axxon has created a "Universal PCI-X 133 MHz Multi-Port 2S1P I/O Card" which enables users to add 2 (Dual) serial + 1 (Single) parallel ports to these types of motherboards without concern of the PCI-X bus speed.
Disks connected with a SAS x2 link can be limited to 195, 390, 480, or 540 MB/s if connected to a PCI Express x1, PCI Express x2, PCI-X 66, or anything faster or wider than these three.
Each point-to-point interconnection can have 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, or 32 dual simplex 2.5 Gb/sec lanes (or an effective rate of 2.0 Gb/sec in each direction), that provide scalable bandwidth up to 128 Gb/sec (12.8 GB/sec) between nodes, compared to 1.064 GB/sec of bandwidth for a typical 64-bit, 133 MHz PCI-X 1.0 device.
Targeted for servers, the ISL6111 is the industry's most complete and highly integrated Hot Plug solution for PCI and PCI-X.
Compared to the current PCI-X bus, PCI Express will more than double the rate at which data can be transferred between server memory and peripherals such as HBAs.
has expanded its SiliconConnect PCI Bridge portfolio with a PCI-X to PCI-X bridge that targets bus expansion in next-generation high-bandwidth data communication and telecommunication applications.
Cavium Networks has announced that it is shipping the NITROX Lite family of processors and the NITROX XL line of PCI and PCI-X acceleration boards.
However, the server uses faster speed PCI-X busses to interface its Ethernet controller to the LAN.