PCICSPediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society
PCICSPediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Symposium
PCICSParent-Child Interaction Coding Scheme (psychology)
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PCICs expressed anger about parents who failed to immunise their children fully.
PCICs were more accepting of the information available to them:
I would feel dreadful if I had failed to have my child immunised (PCIC 2).
I do remember being terrified of what it might be and very scared, and I think that undoubtedly influenced my decision to have MMR (PCIC 1).
Our very existence is, it's inherently risky (PCIC 3).
then I think I would regret not having had my child immunised (PCIC 12).
In 1975, Hand Driven Chairs and Push Chairs for the disabled were introduced by PCICS to meet the local demand on no-profit-no-loss basis, as a service to the disadvantage in society.
Unity Low-Cost Wheelchairs (fixed and foldable models) are another important contribution by PCICS to improve the lives of the common people.
Right now PCICS are in correspondence with potential buyers for export of these rickshaws to foreign markets.
The main objective behind manufacturing high standard products developed by PCICS is to provide the local customers with international quality products at prices which they can afford.
At PCICS (Sohrab) we believe in providing quality products to the entire satisfaction of the customer and contributing towards the development and growth of Pakistan's economy by promoting indigenous industry, providing direct and indirect employment opportunities to the people and saving foreign exchange through import substitution through locally manufactured goods.