PCIIProtected Critical Infrastructure Information (US Department of Homeland Security initiative)
PCIIPotato Chip Institute International (now Noss's Snack Food Association)
PCIIPenn Center Investments, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA)
PCIIPan-Canadian Innovations Initiative (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada)
PCIIPatentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions
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However, the first principal component (PCI), second principal component (PCII) and third principal component (PCIII) explained 24.88%, 11.37% and 6.61% respectively, of the total GxE variation (40.71%).
Information security provides security classifications for listed records --including PCII. These, and specific requirements, are reflected in RIM's retention schedules.
The inter-sample grouping trends of the brands studied are represented in the biplot of PCI and PCII (Fig.
PCII may be shared with authorized government agencies for purposes
niloticus niloticus x hybrid x hybrid 1 2 PCII PCIII PCII PCIII Standard -0.0048 0.0530 0.0195 0.0399 length Preanal -0.1843 -0.4089 -0.2132 -0.1856 length Prepelvic -0.1304 -0.4371 -0.1864 0.0157 length Predorsal 0.2645 -0.3716 0.0298 0.0696 length Prepectoral 0.1614 0.1614 0.0342 0.0861 length Max.
Demonstration Suppliers by Product Category, Polk County Round I (PCI) and Round II (PCII) Polk County Round I Surgical Hospital Oxygen Company Enterals Urologicals Dressing Beds Supplies PCI-A X X X PCI-B X X X X X PCI-C X PCI-D X X X PCI-E X X X PCI-F X X X PCI-G X PCI-H X X PCI-I X X X PCI-J X PCI-K X X X X PCI-L X X X PCI-M X X PCI-N X X X PCI-O X X Total = 15 7 5 4 10 13 Polk County Round II Surgical Hospital Oxygen Company Enterals Urologicals Dressing Beds Supplies PCII-A -- X PCII-B -- X X PCII-C -- X X PCII-D -- X PCII-E -- X PCII-F -- X PCII-G -- X X PCII-H -- X X PCII-I -- X X PCII-J -- X PCII-K -- X X PCII-L -- X X X X PCII-M -- X X PCII-N -- X PCII-O -- X PCII-P -- X PCII-Q -- X X Total = 17 64 8 10 Table 4B.
Strongest positive loadings for PCII were silt (0.56), depth (0.38), and vegetation (0.36); strongest negative loadings were current velocity (-0.58), bedrock (-0.18), and gravel (-0.16).
* Protected Critical Infrastructure Information (PCII): designed to encourage private industry to voluntarily share sensitive and proprietary business information with DHS according to the requirements of the Critical Infrastructure Information Act of 2002.