PCIMPolicy Core Information Model (IPSec)
PCIMPolicy Core Information Model
PCIMPower Conversion and Intelligent Motion (International Conference on Power Control)
PCIMPrimary Care Internal Medicine (various locations)
PCIMPark Center for Independent Media (Ithaca College; Ithaca, NY)
PCIMPrivate Client Investment Management (Bualuang Securities; Thailand; investment firm)
PCIMPolskie Centrum Informacji Muzycznej (Polish: Polish Music Information Center)
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So Kumar and Ahuja [13] propose a generalized PCIM which models the exact relationship between these rays.
Department of Pulmonology-Allergology, Arrazy Hospital and Mohammed VI University Hospital, PCIM Laboratory, Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakesh, Morocco
According to Arburg, it's not possible to achieve a permanent bond between the bead foam and solid PP without this overmolding process, which is called Particle-Foam Composite Injection Molding (PCIM).
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Arburg's automation display will be in operation on a two-component Allrounder 470 S, which will be demonstrating particle-foam composite injection moulding (PCIM).
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The UN reported that coca cultivation in the Macarena Consolidated Program (PCIM) was reduced by 85 percent from its high of 12,597 hectares in 2005 down to 1,848 hectares in 2009.
New Delhi, May 13 (ANI): The Union Cabinet today approved the setting up of the Pharmacopoeia Commission for Indian Medicine (PCIM) as an autonomous Society under the Societies Registration Act.
New low-cost flexible IGBT inverter power module for appliance applications, in Proceedings of the Power Control and Intelegent Motion Conference PCIM 2003.
El banco de Germoplasma del Programa Cooperativo de Investigacion en Maiz de la UNALM (PCIM) formo 24 compuestos raciales de la sierra del Peru (tierras altas).