PCIMSProcessed Commodity Inventory Management System (USDA)
PCIMSPerioperative Clinical Information Management Systems
PCIMSPetro-Canada International Management Services (consulting)
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The Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) last year began utilizing the PCIMS in its ICC processing, and in January ceased its manual applications for the certification.
On top of facilitating ease, the PCIMS reduces the cost of doing business, Lopez added.
The system, resident in Woodbury, contains local area networks (LANs) and a wide area network (WAN) for PCIMS remote sites, all of which are protected by system security and encryption (Figure 2).
There are five hardware/software subsystem in PCIMS - entry document management, publishing, communications, and administrative, all of which make use of readily available hardware and off-the-shelf software.
PCIMS' menu0-driven applications are protected by automatic service-type screening based on the user's sing-on ID.
Use of PCIMS has eliminated travel time and related expenses of up to $100,000/proposals for GDS engineers and managers headquartered at sites remote from the Proposal Center.