PCISAPacific Coast Interscholastic Sailing Association (Long Beach, CA)
PCISAPolymer Composites Institute of South Africa
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The PCISA received 11 days of substantive debate in the House of Commons and was the subject of study during 15 sittings of the House of Commons Citizenship and Immigration Committee (Immigration Committee) spread over eight days.
That said, for the purposes of assessing the Federal Court judicial review process, the following are some of the more salient changes expected to the refugee determination system from the combined BRRA and PCISA reforms: (164)
(182) If the RAD is in fact brought into existence through the combined BRRA and PCISA reforms, some might argue that resorting to Federal Court judicial review will no longer be the only means to catch errors made by a single adjudicator, because the RAD will at least in some cases be able to do that.
(115) For example, the Minster of Citizenship and Immigration alone used the term "bogus" no fewer than six times in the parliamentary debate on the PCISA and BRRA; see e.g.
Note that this was Berger's characterization of the timelines before they were further shortened by the PCISA.
Many are unable to afford the filing fees, and the PCISA now severely restricts its availability for several classes of non-status parents.