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PCIXPci Extended
PCIXPermission Based Customer Information Exchange
PCIXPci Express
PCIXPeripheral Component Interconnect EXtended
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It integrates a multiple processor interface and three PCI options (AGP4X, PCIX, and PCI) to target a range of high-end, next-generation industrial control, networking, entertainment, computer, Internet and wireless communication applications.
A four-channel controller can take the full 1GB/sec bandwidth of the PCIX system.
These dual Gbps Ethernet are provided by Intel's 82546 controller and its PCIX performance (64 bits at 133 MHz) is enabled by Intel's P64H2 controller hub.
* Personal Care Ingredients Expo & Conference (PCIX) will debut Oct.
With peak data transfer rate of 6.4GB/sec, the HyperTransport specification provides better than an order of magnitude increase in bus transaction throughput over existing bus architectures such as PCI, PCIX, and AGP.
PCIX will combine the marketing and product development strength of HBA Global Expo with the technical strength of CPhI Worldwide, the leading international organizer of pharmaceutical ingredient events, to bring together the formulation and ingredient companies that are at the forefront of a new exciting trend in personal care product development.