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PCKDPolycystic Kidney Disease
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Abbreviations AKI: Acute kidney injury Cr: Creatinine CT: Computed tomography DDRT: Deceased donor renal transplantation ESRD: End stage renal disease IV: Intravenous LRT: Living donor related renal transplantation PCKD: Polycystic kidney disease US: Ultrasound.
A descriptive and retrospective study was performed in patients older than 18 years who were diagnosed with ESRD secondary to LN, DN and PCKD and who received a KT between 2005 and 2013 at Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital (PTUH) of Medellin-Colombia.
Graft and patient survival were calculated using the Kaplan-Meier method adjusted according to the etiology of ESRD (LN, DN, PCKD), and the statistical significance was verified using the log-rank test.
The etiological cause of ESRD was diagnosed as NL, PCKD or ND in 144 cases: 29 as LN (4.52%), 37 as PCKD (5.76%) and 78 as DN (12.15%).
Diabetics were significantly older and had a higher incidence of coronary disease and chronic occlusive arterial disease than the NL and PCKD groups (Table 1).
In the PCKD group, three patients (rate of 2.5%/person-year) died, one due to a cardiovascular complication and two from an infection; mortality with a functioning graft was observed in 11 patients (rate of 2.4%/person-year).
Subgroup analysis revealed patient survivals after one, three and five years of 100%, 87.5% and 87.5% for LN; 96.4%, 96.4% and 81.8% for PCKD and 91.7%, 82.4% and 75.7% for DN, respectively.
The subgroup analysis exhibited graft survival rates of 96.3%, 82.5% and 82.5% for LN; 90%, 86.0% and 76.5% for PCKD and 91.7%, 80.3% and 67.9% for DN after one, three and five years, respectively, without a significant difference (log-rank test= 0.488) (Fig.
Yet he thinks he'll be dead in five years no matter what he does because every other family member with PCKD has died within five years of kidney failure.
Particularly for genetic diseases such as PCKD, patients come to the medical encounter with some experience and information.