PCLDPolycystic Liver Disease
PCLDPetroleum Contracts and Licensing Directorate (Iraq)
PCLDProvincial Committee on Learning Disabilities (Canada)
PCLDPetits Chanteurs de Lambres Lez Douai (French singing organizations)
PCLDPassive Constrained Layer Damping
PCLDPower Control Algorithm with Limited Diversity
PCLDPerfectionist Custom Level Design (gaming)
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Polycystic liver disease (PCLD) is an autosomal dominant genetic disorder characterized by progressive development of multiple parenchymal cysts in the liver and may also include renal cysts.[1],[2] Clinically, the prevalence of PCLD has been estimated to be 0.001%,[1] which is relatively low in comparison with other liver diseases.
The specific analysis of the PCLD account showed a positive correlation between this and the results of financial institutions.
No entanto, o entendimento de 54,62% dos respondentes da pesquisa concorda ou concorda completamente que as regras para constituicao da PCLD em fundos de pensao estao adequadas para o segmento de previdencia complementar fechado.
A apuracao da variavel ACCd, por sua vez, tem por referencia a identificacao da discricionariedade praticada em relacao a provisao para creditos de liquidacao duvidosa (PCLD), que e a area que tem registrado o maior numero de estudos sobre a pratica de gerenciamento de resultados em bancos.
The polycaprolactonediol (PCLD) can be used as a good plasticizer and the addition of PCLD will decrease the softening temperature of CAP.
Esses estudos tem se concentrado especialmente na analise do processo de constituicao das provisoes para creditos de liquidacao duvidosa (PCLD).
Chen and Huang presented a study on optimal placement of PCLD treatment for vibration suppression of the plates [10].
An IBM compatible personal computer, equipped with a PCL-812PG Multi-Lab card and a PCLD -785 relay board (both from Advantech Co., Ltd.) was used to present stimuli and record skin conductance responses (SCRs) and response times (RTs).
The MoO's Petroleum Contracts and Licencing Directorate (PCLD) calls them Exploration Development Production Risk Service Contracts (EDP-RSCs).
The MoO's Petroleum Contracts and Licencing Directorate (PCLD) now calls them Exploration Development Production Risk Service Contracts (EDP-RSCs).
According to Abdul Mahdy al-Ameedi, deputy director-general at Iraq's Petroleum Contracts and Licensing Directorate, or PCLD, 'We are expecting that we will sign the contract in September.'
A previous tender launched by Ministry of Oil's (MoO) Petroleum Contracts and Licencing Directorate (PCLD) had failed, because the project was offered to be built on BOT basis and there were no takers because of high security risks in the country.